In the spirit of the Fastnet, Prototypes and Pilots will introduce new and experimental work – the starting points for new research in new directions.

Eric Ashcraft, Ben Thorp Brown, Nick Cueva, Jessie Edelman, Ricardo Harris-Fuentes, Phillipa Horan, Brian Hubble, Lena Imamura, Joyce Kim, Sophia Rauch, Maddie Reyna

The exhibition is accompanied by a short publication edited by Rachel Miller and Lewis Feuer.

Open by appt (until April 3rd): or 603.533.1677
Sophia Rauch
Eric Ashcraft
Nicholas Cueva
Joyce Kim
Lena Imamura
Maddie Reyna
Brian Hubble
Ben Thorp Brown
Maddie Reyna
James Powers
Phillipa Horan
Ricardo Harris Fuentes
Jessie Edelman