Sir Cuts A Lot

Jan 23rd - Feb 13th

[Re]Opening: Saturday, Jan 30th, 12 - 3pm


Aurora Andrews, Eric Ashcraft, Isabelle Berner, Daniel Ellis, Sean Edwards, Michael Ellis, Lewis Feuer & Rachel Miller, Chessin Gertler, Alec Henry, John Henry Newton, Brian Hubble, Farley Katz, Nicholas Knight, James Powers, Rita LeDuc, Matt Ostroff, Ben Thorp Brown, Mollie Thurman // BioBus, Sean Ward, Rachie Weisberg, Matt Weisberg, Sarah Weisberg // BioBus

Sir Cuts A Lot is the colloquial name for my plotter printer (cutter) which is the intermediary for the next show at Fastnet. Sir Cuts A Lot uses software called Sure Cuts A Lot ®.

Artists, architects, writers, and other professionals have been invited to submit works in the form of a vector file.

Plotters were the first graphic output printers appearing in the late fifties (Calcomp 565). They were replaced during the Miami Vice Period by the cheap inkjet printer. More recently, “plotters” have reappeared as “vinyl cutters”. In many cases, the blade can be substituted for a pen.

The plotter is a human armature – an idiosyncratic form of mark making. Sir Cuts A Lot can be pleasantly unpredictable – due in part to its humble origins in mainland China. It chooses seemingly arbitrary paths yet repeats operations in exactly the same sequence. SCAL is a curious seismic device that crudely and beautifully merges the architectonic with paper and ink.

Exhibition open intermittently on weekends (12 - 3pm)
Nicholas Knight
Jan 23rd, 2016
Nicholas Knight 2
Install 1
John Henry Newton
Aurora Andrews
Rita LeDuc
Install 3
Lewis Feuer and Rachel Miller
Install 4
Ben Thorp Brown
Lewis Feuer and Rachel Miller
Alec Henry
Farley Katz
Sean Edwards
Install 2
Install 5
Install 5
Michael Ellis
Michael Ellis, Chessin Gertler
Install 6
Mollie Thurman, Brian Hubble
Mollie Thurman
Daniel Ellis
James Powers
Install 7
Brian Hubble
Sarah Weisberg
Farley Katz
Eric Ashcraft
Install 8
Sean Ward 1
Sean Ward 2
Sean Ward 3
Matthew Ostroff
Matt Weisberg
Jan 24th, 2016