James Powers


This Sunday, Fastnet will provide remedial Science Education to fatigued Art Fair goers and idle constituents avoiding Manhattan.

Mollie Thurman, Lead Scientist at BioBus, will be building and lowering a marine invertebrate sampling device in the water off Columbia Street in Red Hook.

Visitors are encouraged to bring fist sized objects for the marine organisms to adhere to inside the trap.

Along with photographs and short videos, Mollie will discuss the details of the Billion Oyster Project in New York Harbor, the ecology of the waterfront, and particularly how the BioBus uses these oysters for their microscopy work.

A month from now, Mollie and the Fastnet will return to the trap to inspect growth.

Mollie Thurman began her scientific career as a researcher at the Harvard School of Public Health. She received her MA in conservation biology from Columbia University and joined the BioBus in 2014. Along with her work on the bus, she is part of a team of researchers working to assess the ecological health of New York City’s coastlines. Mollie has worked at the Maritime Gloucester in Massachusetts, monitoring invasive species and water quality, and teaching marine science on-board boats.