James Powers


Aurora Andrews

Mar 25 - April 8, 2018

This painting is remembering a painting of my mom that my dad made when I was little. I asked him about it and he said:

"The one of Bettina at the table - I was working with a contrast of really big undifferentiated shapes - the walls, and maybe also the floor, green, table brown, and then little shapes and a few contour drawings (hands, face, a plant). There were some intermediate shapes, maybe the table pedestal? or her legs. I don't know exactly why I made so many paintings back then with that idea. Something about the vast loneliness of the world, compared to the love and togetherness represented by the figures. I doubt I could have articulated that when I made them."

Later he wrote me:

"As long as they last paintings span time, from one viewing to another, intersecting with different beings at various places in the fourth dimension."

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